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Water/Sewer Transfer Service (New Location)

  1. City of Forney - Water/Sewer Account Transfer Request

    Authorization to transfer City Utility Services from one address to another for the purposes of an account holder moving within the City's water area. Please allow three business days. The new account will be charged a Transfer fee of $15 on the first bill. Please note: Auto-pay on the existing account will not transfer to the new account.

  2. Authorization to Transfer Service

    Please note, there may be no greater than 7 days from the connection date at the new address to the disconnect date at the original address. For moves that are expected to take longer than seven days, please apply for a new account at the new address. Thank you.

  3. Transfer Fee

    Fee will be paid at time request is submitted

  4. Price

  5. Please upload the front of the account holder's driver's license

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