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Water/Sewer Disconnection Request

  1. City of Forney - Water/Sewer Disconnection Request

    For Residential requests ONLY. Please Allow 24 Hour notice to implement request.

  2. *Minimum 24 HR notice* (Holidays/Weekends are unavailable to be requested)

  3. Rent or Own*

  4. Picture of License via Mobile Device are Accepted. Front of License is only needed.

  5. Terms and Conditions

    I certify that I am at least 18 years of age and I hereby apply for services at the above address, to be furnished at the standard rates and under the terms and conditions of the City, on file in the City Office. The above deposit amount will be held until applicant discontinues water service or Residential account has 36 continuous months of no penalties. I acknowledge water service will be turned on at the above property. I will not hold the City of Forney responsible for any property damage due to the water being turned on without my presence. I acknowledge if the meter shows water usage, it will be turned back off and my presence will be requested for connection of service. A copy of the driver's license, state issued or military ID must be provided before services can begin.

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