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Water Leak Adjustment

  1. Request for Leak Adjustment
    A leak on the customer's side of the meter is considered a private matter and is the responsibility of the property owner to repair. However, the City may provide a leak adjustment as a courtesy. Leak adjustments are not required nor guaranteed to be granted for every request submitted, but rather are offered as a courtesy to our customers. An adjustment is only issued after the office receives a copy of the plumbing repair bill or receipts for parts that indicate the repair was completed. Adjustments will be granted no more than once every 12 months.
  2. Please attach copies of the service provider's invoice or receipt:
  3. I, the undersigned account holder, experienced a leak at the above service address and had the leak repaired, as evidenced by the attached receipt(s). I request an adjustment to my account for lost water. I understand that I may receive only one leak adjustment per 12 months and that only one month of water loss caused by the leak will be adjusted. I agree to keep my account in good standing, regardless of whether or not a leak adjustment is granted.
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