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Utility Billing

  1. ACH Authorization to Draft or To Stop Draft

    This form will authorize the City to initiate entries to accounts at the financial institution below.

  2. Fire Hydrant Meter Application

    Applicants whom fill this out are requesting or are in need of a fire hydrant.

  3. NEW Water/Sewer Application Request

    This is an online form for citizens requesting a new residential water/sewer connection.

  4. Payment Arrangement Form

    Payment Extension Request Form

  5. TRANSFER Water/Sewer Request

    This is an online form for citizens requesting to transfer water/sewer service from a current address to a new address.

  1. DISCONNECT Water/Sewer Request

    For account holders serviced by the City of Forney requesting to discontinue City services.

  2. Mailing Address Change Request Form

    Completing this form will not change services. It will change the mailing address of the bill only.

  3. New Water/Waste Water Address Confirmation
  4. Temporary Utility Service Request

    For citizens requesting a residential temporary utility service.

  5. Water Leak Adjustment

    After the repair of a water leak, an account holder may be eligible for a credit to offset the cost of the lost water.