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Trail of Treats Candy Station Application

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    Trail of Treats has an annual attendance over 10,000 people. Please be prepared to bring an adequate number of pieces of candy to give out to all of our Trick-or-Treater. 4000 pieces of candy or other prize is suggested.
  3. OCT 30TH | 4PM-6PM
  4. Application Deadline is October 13th
  5. Set-Up Hours:
  6. Trail Hours:
    Advertised Event Hours: 4:00pm-6:00pm (entrance prohibited after 6:00pm) Expected Operation Hours: 3:30pm-7:00pm
  7. Entertainment & Games:
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  9. Booth Decorating Contest
    1st, 2nd and 3rd Place are awarded to those booths who really get into the holiday spirit. Winners are presented with a trophy they can proudly display in their booth during the event and in their place of business following the event.
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    Candy Stations are limited to 75 due to spacing. Candy Stations will ONLY be allowed to hand out candy and information about their business or organization. NO games, raffles, pictures, sign-ups or registrations will be permitted. Stations that show up with these items will be asked to take them down or leave the event. ALL stations are prohibited from selling or asking for donations. Candy stations will need to bring their own tables, chairs, canopys (if needed), quiet/non-stinky generators for power, and decorations if you are feeling in the spirit. Our annual decorating contest will be held 30 min prior to the event. Please have all decorations in place by this time to be included.
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