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TRANSFER Water/Sewer Request

  1. City of Forney - Water/Sewer Transfer Request

    This is the resident's request to transfer City Utility Services from one address to another for the purposes of an account holder moving within the City's water jurisdiction. Please allow three business days. By submitting this form, the new account will be charged a Transfer Fee of $15 on the first bill. The outgoing account will receive one final bill after the disconnection date. Auto-pay on the existing account will not transfer to the new account.

  2. Please note: There may be no greater than 7 days overlap of services at both addresses. For moves that are expected to take longer than seven days, please apply for a new account at the new address. Thank you.

  3. Rent or Own at new Address*
  4. *Minimum 24 hr Notice* excluding Holidays/Weekends

  5. *No greater than 7 days of overlapping service is allowed.

  6. *A valid driver's license, state-issued or military ID must be provided.

  7. Do you wish to enroll in E-Billing?*

    If selected, an exact image of the bill will be delivered to the email address indicated:

  8. Must include name, start date, address and signatures of tenant and owner/manager.

  9. Is there a Co-Applicant?*
  10. *A valid driver's license, state-issued or military ID must be provided.

  11. Would you like to opt out of the CareFlite Caring Heart Membership?*

    Please fill the following Opt Out Form below once you've checked 'yes'.

  12. Confidentiality

    Per H.B. 872 The City of Forney is able to maintain confidentiality of your personal information, water usage, services and billing.  If you do not want your information to remain confidential please visit for a Request for Disclosure of Information form.

  13. Terms & Conditions*

    By checking the following box, I hereby apply to transfer City utility services from one address to a new address which will be furnished at the standard rates and under the terms and conditions of the City, on file in the City Office. I acknowledge water service will be turned on at the above new property and will not hold the City of Forney responsible for property damage due to water flow after turned-on. I understand a $15 transfer fee will be applied to the first bill for the new address. I agree to receive communications from the City of Forney with the contact information provided.

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