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DISCONNECT Water/Sewer Request

  1. City of Forney - Water/Sewer Disconnection Request

    Disconnection requests may only be made by the Account Holder. Disconnections cannot be scheduled on a weekends or holiday. Plan three business days to implement the request.

  2. *Minimum 1 business day notice.  Service may not be disconnected Friday - Sunday or on a holiday.  If selected, the service will not stop until the following business day.

  3. Rent or Own*
  4. Front photo of Driver's License or other Government issued ID.

  5. Terms and Conditions

    I request to discontinue water service at the above property. I will not hold the City of Forney responsible for any property damage due to the water being turned off. I understand I will be billed for water consumption up to the time of the final reading. If a deposit is on file, I understand it will be credited to the final bill and that the final bill will be due within 15 days. I agree to receive communications from the City of Forney with the contact information provided.

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