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Media Content Distribution Form

  1. Social Media Content Request Form
    Please use this form to request information to be placed throughout the City's communication channels.
  2. Please provide information on who and what the event is for.
  3. Please provide the time of the event.
  4. Information Distribution Channels Available
    Please select any of the communication channels that you would like the information to be distributed through.
  5. If you would like for your event to be posted on a certain day, please feel free to schedule a time. I will also post more than once if time allows.
  6. Please post any information about the event, that would be needed to write the promotional material. Also include any information that would be deemed necessary to know by anyone wishing to attend.
  7. Please use for images or any other attachments you wish to send.
  8. Will this post by used in conjunction with a News Release?
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