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Application to Serve on a City of Forney Board or Commission

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  2. Qualifications for Appointment:

    The City Charter has established certain qualifications that must be met by all members of a board or commission, including that you must be a resident of the City of Forney for at least six (6) months prior to the date of application. NOTE:  Although you may have a Forney address, if you live in Travis Ranch, Trinity Crossing, Emerald Ranch Estates, Clements Ranch, Devonshire, Highland Prairie, Windmill Farms, Shamrock Meadows or Heartland, those are all special utility districts and are not in the Forney city limits.  You must also be a qualified voter (you live in the city limits and you are a registered voter) at the time of appointment.  Additionally, there may be special qualifications for a particular board or commission. Applicants agree to receive communications from the City of Forney with the contact information provided.

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  5. Boards & Commissions*
    Please check the appropriate box for the boards or commissions on which you are willing to serve – see the back of this application for a description of each board or commission.
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