Adult Sand Volleyball

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6x6 Co-ed Sand Volleyball

Team and free agent registration explained on registration page.

Teams are at least 6 people.  You must have at least 4 on the court to play with at least one being a girl.

Only 2 non-registered subs per game.  No subs in end of season tournament.

You must be at least 16 years of age.

Games are played on Thursday evenings at the sand volleyball courts at Forney Community Park.  Rain-outs will be played on Tuesdays.  There will be 6-8 games per season.  Matches are 1 hour.

Team specific shirts are provided along with game balls.

Registrations are non-refundable and cannot be transferred.  

This league is a RECREATIONAL LEAGUE.  If your team is competitive, this league is not for you.  Everyone is here to have FUN and not qualify for the Olympics!!


All games will be played at the Forney Community Park Sand Volleyball Courts. Four Players

must be present to start a game. You must have at least one girl on the court. Matches will be

self-officiated. This means that teams call violations on themselves, it is not the responsibility

of the other team.  Disputed plays will be an automatic do-over.

Only 2 non-registered substitute allowed per game. This will keep teams showing up with a

majority of substitutes that are not registered. Teams are a minimum of 6 players with at least

1 girl.  No subs allowed during end of season tournament (all players must be on your official roster).

Violations include touching the net, double contact, lifting or throwing the ball, open hand

serve receive, and determining if the ball was in or out of bounds. If there is a disagreement,

then there will be a replay.

The winning team of a coin toss will serve first in the first set and choose its playing side. At the

conclusion of the first set, the teams will switch playing sides and the team which did not serve

first in set one will serve first in set two. Sets one and two shall be played to 25 points, rally

scoring.  Third match to 15 points.   Matches are 1 hour. If teams are in a tie, the winner will be

decided by who is leading by 2 or more points at the end of the hour in the third set.

The server shall stand with both feet behind the rear boundary line. There are no restrictions

as to how the ball may be served except that is must be clearly hit, not thrown or pushed.

Side out is declared when a served ball hits the net and does not pass over.

Any player may contact the ball with any body part, above or below the waist.

A ball touching any part of the boundary line is in.

It is permissible to run out of bounds to play a ball.

Players are not permitted to scoop, hold or throw the ball. The ball must not visibly come to

rest on the players hands fingers or any other part of the body.

A player shall not make successive contacts of the ball unless he/she has blocked a pike at the

net. One person may play the ball twice during a volley but not twice in succession.

A ball, other than the serve, may be recovered from the net provided the player avoids contact

with the net and does not catch or hold the ball.

The ball must always be returned over the net by the third contact, unless a block is the initial

contact in which case the ball must be returned by the fourth contact.

A player may reach under the net as long as he/she does not interfere with an opponent's

attempt to play the ball. A player may never touch the net.

Blocking or spiking the ball on a serve is illegal.

All matches will start at their designated time. There is a 10-minute grace period until a forfeit

is declared.

If games are cancelled due to inclement weather, an email will be sent out as soon as the

decision is made to cancel the games. Games that are rained out will be rescheduled.