Orienteering Course

About the Forney Community Park Orienteering Course

The Forney Community Park Orienteering Course was created in January 2021 by Hunter Kasper, Eagle Scout, Troop 339, Forney, Texas. Orienteering is the sport of navigation, using a map and a compass and is often competitively timed. This sport can be completed alone or with a group. The course(s) have been designed with up to twenty controls (controls are markers) placed throughout the park. You can find them by using a compass, GPS device (found on many smart phones) or by looking at the maps and answer keys below. Each control is an eighteen-inch steel stake, identified by a square orienteering symbol (4” x 4”) and a one letter code. Parking is available in the large parking lot between the soccer fields and the play area.  If you have any problems with the course or suggestions for improvement, please contact the Parks Department at 972-564-7326.

Getting Started

The start point control is located at the trail entrance, just past the volleyball area. Parking is available in the large parking lot between the soccer fields and the play area. To begin the course simply scan the QR code on the start point control or the dog sign which is located in the middle of the path next to the pond at the trail entrance. This QR code will take you to this website where you can learn all you need to know about this course and how to access it.

Course Key

Available Courses

There are three different courses to navigate with a compass and/or map. All courses start and end at the start control, with the exception of course 3. Course 1, the shortest course, is navigation friendly for persons with disabilities. From the start control, use your map and/or compass to navigate to the next control. Record each control’s letter when you find it. Repeat this process until you have completed the chosen course. We encourage you to record how long it takes to complete the course and try to improve your time. The GPS coordinates (latitude and longitude) for each control for all three courses can be found below

Answer Key - Map 1

Answer Key - Map 2

Answer Key - Map 3
Map 2