Bond Committee Information

The City Council determined that the establishment of a Bond Committee would provide the best means of developing a bond proposal to be placed before the voters of the City.

The Committee is charged with analyzing the feasibility of recommending to the City Council that they call an election for the purpose of passing General Obligation Bond authorizations. Such analysis shall include examining what projects shall be recommended for placement before the voters for consideration, as well as recommending bond amounts and an issuance timing schedule.

All such recommendations shall be:

  • Made to the City Council for final approval with the City Council, in accordance with law, retaining final authority to call such an election.
  • Made with all recommended projects being placed into groups for placement into separately grouped propositions on the ballot such that a voter may choose to vote yes or no on each proposition.  For example, all road projects shall be in a road proposition and all park projects in a park proposition.

The Committee shall consist of twelve positions to be filled as follows:

  • Two positions to be filled by Council Members appointed from their membership by action of the City Council.  Any Council Member appointed who leaves office for any reason is removed from the Committee and will be replaced by action of the City Council.
  • Ten positions to be filled by citizens at-large.   All “at-large” positions must be filled by individuals who reside inside the corporate city limits of the City of Forney.  Such positions shall be filled by action of the City Council after an application has been made by interested persons. All applications shall be completed and submitted to the City Secretary, by a deadline established by the City Council, who shall submit all applications to the City Council for consideration and selection. Any “at-large” Committee member appointed who leaves for any reason or is removed due to a change in residency status will be replaced by action of the City Council. The City Council may reconsider previous applicants or may re-open the application process.
  • The Committee typically meets on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday at 6 pm.

Applying to Serve on The Bond Committee

Qualifications for Appointment: The City has established certain qualifications that must be met by all members of a board or commission. In addition to any special qualification for a particular board or commission, you must (1) be a resident of the City of Forney (within the city limits) for at least six (6) months prior to the date of application; (2) be a qualified voter at the time of appointment; (3) not be an adversary party to pending litigation against the City, except for eminent domain proceedings.

Apply to serve on the bond committee here

  1. Dorothy Brooks, TRMC, CMC

    City Secretary