Bond Information

The City Council determined that the establishment of a Bond Committee would provide the best means of developing a bond proposal to be placed before the voters of the City.

The Committee is charged with analyzing the feasibility of recommending to the City Council that they call an election for the purpose of passing General Obligation Bond authorizations. Such analysis shall include examining what projects shall be recommended for placement before the voters for consideration, as well as recommending bond amounts and an issuance timing schedule.

Bond Committee Presentation

The Forney Bond Committee presented a proposal of the potential bond referendum to be placed on the May 2022 ballot. A new fire station, development for future parks, and road improvements for our 'off-system' roads are all a part of the package. City Council has until February to decide what packages will be placed on the May ballot. View the initial presentation. The video can be seen below:

  1. Dorothy Brooks, TRMC, CMC

    City Secretary