Rental Property Registration Program

Multi-Family and Single Family Rental Property Registration

The City of Forney has approved a new multi-family and single-family rental property registration program. The program is intended to ensure rental properties are registered while helping to foster clean and safe rental properties. The goal is to enhance the health, safety and quality of life for all residents of the City of Forney. The program pertains to multi-family units or single-family homes that are either leased or rented and occupied by someone other than the owner of the property.

Beginning January 1, 2021, owners or the owner’s agent of rental properties in the City of Forney will be required to register their properties annually by submitting a registration application and the application fee ($50 per single-family unit and $15 per multi-family unit annually). The program also requires the City of Forney to conduct a property inspection each year.

Important Documents

Register your property(s) Online

You can register your property online through MyGov. Click here to get started.

You can register your property(s) in person by visiting the City of Forney Community Development office at 402 N. Bois D’ Arc St. or by printing out a registration application and mailing the completed application, registration fee, and a copy of the owner’s picture ID to the following address:

City of Forney

Community Development

P.O. Box 826

Forney, TX 75126