Solicitation Permit Holders

Aside from a few exemptions, it is illegal to peddle, sell, or solicit goods or services without having a permit from the City of Forney. Every solicitor shall display his or her permit upon request of any person, and failure to so display such permit shall be grounds for revocation and/or constitute a violation of the ordinance. Solicitation permits are only valid for 90 days. Mobile food vendors are the only solicitors that will have permits valid for a year. Failure to abide by this ordinance can subject an individual to a fine-only misdemeanor. Residents are encouraged to report violators to the Forney Police Department at 972.552.6625. To discourage solicitors, residents can display a “no soliciting sign” on their property.

The exemptions to this ordinance as mentioned above include sales people licensed by the state such as realtors and insurance salesman, daily deliveries of food and newspapers, bona fide charitable organizations, political and religious canvassing, or the placement of handbills where no in-person communication is sought. The hours when peddling is permitted are 9 a.m. to 30 minutes before sunset, Monday through Saturday. Solicitation is not permitted on Sundays.

To apply for a peddlers/solicitor permit, call 972.552.6655 or visit our public portal

You can print or save a copy of the application at this link:

Solicitation Permit Holders

Permit Issued Date Company Name Permit Holder's Name Type of Service Solicted
2/24/2023 BLT Construction Blanca Tejada Mobile Food Vending
3/1/2023 Vertex Roofing and General Construction Tristian Nicholas Roof Inspection