Construction Inspections

The Construction Inspection Department is responsible for civil plan review and inspections of the city's infrastructure.

Hours of Construction

Construction activities shall be allowed from the hours of 7 a.m. until dark, Monday through Friday. Saturday hours shall be 8 a.m. until dark. Construction activities are unlawful on Sundays.

Services Performed by the Department

Engineering Design Standards

The City of Forney's Engineering Design Manual (PDF) provides a set of standards for designing streets, thoroughfares, drainage facilities, water lines, and sanitary sewer lines and for preparing construction plans for such facilities that are to be owned, utilized, operated and/or maintained by the City of Forney, Texas. Other standards include Hydraulics (PDF), Hydrology (PDF) and Site Development Controls (PDF).

These standards will be used by the city staff and consulting engineers employed by the city for the above-described improvement projects and engineers for private developments in the City of Forney. Unusual circumstances or special engineering designs not covered in this manual will require the approval of the City Engineer.