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What is a Thoroughfare Plan?

The Thoroughfare Plan is a long-range plan that identifies the location and type of roadway facilities that are needed to meet projected long-term growth within the area. The Thoroughfare Plan is not a list of construction projects, but rather serves as a tool to enable the City to preserve future corridors for transportation system development as the need arises. Many of the proposed arterial and collector streets identified on the Thoroughfare Plan, especially in the extra-territorial jurisdiction, will likely not be needed or constructed within the next 20 or 30 years. 

A Thoroughfare Plan displays the proposed general alignments for the extensions of existing collector and arterial roadways and planned new roadways. It is important to note that the actual alignments of these roadways will likely vary somewhat from this plan and will be determined through the subdivision development process and the preliminary engineering phase of design. 

Thoroughfare Plan Map

Thoroughfare Plan Report