Sandi Primous


Forney City Council, Place 3

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Term Expires: 2024

Sandi Primous was elected to the City Council in 2022.


As a city council member, my primary goals are to enhance the well-being of Forney's residents and foster a thriving community. To achieve this, I will strongly advocate for establishing a much-needed mental health facility within Forney City limits. Additionally, I am committed to promoting community engagement among our teenagers by actively bringing businesses to Forney that cater to their interests and aspirations. By creating an environment that attracts and empowers our youth, we can build a stronger sense of community and pave the way for their future success. Furthermore, I pledge to support all local businesses in Forney, with a particular emphasis on providing assistance and opportunities to Veteran and Minority-owned businesses. By nurturing a diverse and inclusive economic landscape, we can foster prosperity and unity throughout our city, ultimately enriching the lives of all our residents.


Sandi (with an "i") Primous has been a proud resident of the Forney Community since January of 2020. Sandi enjoys informing everyone she encounters that the "i" in Sandi stands for Inspiration, because she believes that a core tenet of leadership is receiving inspiration from unlikely places and giving inspiration when your neighbor needs help. As a 20-year Army Combat Veteran, Sandi is confident that she can be an honorable community leader. Sandi gains her insight and inspiration from local teachers, city employees, social services personnel, medical professionals, and retail workers who continuously stand on the front lines to serve the amazing community of Forney, Texas.