Parks, Recreation & Open Space Master Plan

The purpose of the Forney Parks, Recreation and Open Space Master Plan is to address the City of Forney's short-term and long-term recreational needs to develop a vision for preservation of the City's environmental, cultural and open space resources.

This plan is based on recognized park planning principals and standards and reflects the input received from the citizens of Forney, the City Council, the Parks and Recreation Board and City staff.

Playground Equipment

Plan Guidance

In the fall of 2013, the City initiated this project to update its existing Parks, Recreation and Open Space Master Plan. This Plan will provide guidance for creating a sustainable, interconnected system of parks, recreation facilities, open space and trails that respond to community needs as Forney grows. These are integral elements of a livable community. This plan focuses on the City's needs analysis through current, fire-year and ten-year needs and initiatives. It is a community-based plan that will aid City Staff and City decision-makers in providing recreational facilities for the citizens of Forney and in preserving the City's flood plains and other open space areas in an orderly and economical way.

Prepared in Compliance

This plan has been prepared in compliance with the guidelines for park and recreation system master plans as established by Texas Parks and Wildlife (TP&W). TP&W provides a variety of matching grant programs that can provide cities with an additional financial resources, and master plans consistent with the TP&W Guidelines have a greater chance of qualifying for those matching grants.