Certificate of Occupancy

A Certificate of Occupancy is a document issued by the City of Forney that certifies a building's compliance with City building codes and other laws. The certificate indicates that the building in question is in a condition to be suitable for occupancy, whether in a commercial or residential capacity.

The City of Forney has a Certificate of Occupancy packet that must be filled out and a fee to be paid prior to the City releasing a certificate to the requestor. The packet will request information from the property owner about intended space use, tenant information, verification of water service, emergency contact information, and schedule an inspection with the Fire Marshall. A Certificate of Occupancy is $150 and can be paid online as well. If you are interested in paying the certificate online, please visit our permit vendor MyGov

Complete information can be found below:

Certificate of Occupancy Packet/Application (PDF)

Certificate of Occupancy Form

Note: Building permit is required for any alteration of building prior to applying for Certificate of Occupancy