Social Media

The engagement between residents and the City of Forney makes it a better place. Join the conversation with the City's multi-channel social media team to learn about what the City does each day, and how you can become part of the discussion. The City of Forney welcomes conversation but reserves the right to moderate comments in accordance with City policies.

Social Media Terms of Use & Policy

The City of Forney maintains multiple social media channels in an effort to provide information to those inside and outside of the community. Interaction with city-sponsored social media channels are governed by this social media policy that provides guidance on the use of these channels by the public. The following are terms of use governing content posted on city-sponsored social media channels. The City of Forney reserves the right to restrict or remove any messages or postings with the following content:

  • Use of vulgar, offensive, threatening, or harassing language.
  • Content that that promotes, fosters, or perpetuates discrimination on the basis of race, religion, age, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, or mental or physical disability.
  • Content that infringes upon copyright, trademark, or any registered mark.
  • Obscenity. The content, or any material contained in it, contains obscene matter or any other matter that is prohibited under the provisions of Section 43.23 of the Texas Penal Code.
  • Unlawful goods, services, behavior or activities. The content, or any material contained in it, promotes or encourages, or appears to promote or encourage, the use or possession of unlawful or illegal goods, services, and behavior or activities.
  • Support or opposition of any ballot issue or candidate for office.
  • Violence. The content, or any material contained in it, contains an image or description of graphic violence, including, but not limited to: (1) the depiction of human or animal bodies or body parts, or fetuses, in states of mutilation, dismemberment, decomposition, or disfigurement, and (2) the depiction of weapons or other implements or devices associated in the advertisement with an act or acts of violence or harm on a person or animal.
  • Comments unrelated to the topic of the forum; hyperlinks to material that is not directly related to the discussion.
  • Spam or commercial promotions; content containing any unsolicited or unauthorized advertisement or solicitation (i.e. spam, junk mail, chain letters, pyramid schemes or other promotional materials).
  • Promotion or advertising of any businesses or commercial enterprises, unless they are providing support to city services.
  • Posts or links that contain malicious software (malware) such as viruses, worms, trojans, rootkits, spyware, adware or any other unwanted software.”
  • Any unsolicited or unauthorized advertising or promotional materials of non-City services or programs, with the exception of organizations partnered with the City, will not be permitted.

Important: Comments and posts by external parties on a Forney digital media or social networking sites are not official public testimony concerning any project or program. An opinion expressed on a Forney digital media or social networking site is posted for discussion only and is not a substitute for a formal statement in a public hearing process. A participant who posts comments contrary to the terms of use policy may be prohibited from future participation. The City of Forney reserves the right to update the Terms of Use.