Tax Rates

Tax Rates at a Glance

Property Tax Rates for Tax Year 2019 (Fiscal Year 2020)
City of Forney0.580000
Kaufman County0.537112
Forney Independent School District1.470000
Total Tax Rate per $100 of Assessed Value$2.58711

Please note, these tax rates represent the rates paid by citizens who own property within the Forney city limits. Properties with Forney addresses located outside of the city limits will pay taxes to different entities. Please see your tax bill or visit the Kaufman County Tax Office website for more information. 

Along with the tax rates, the City has released an online tool that will allow the residents to calculate their estimated tax amount, while simultaneously comparing it to other local municipalities. This interactive spreadsheet titled "My Tax Dollars" (XLS).

Sales Tax Rates

Local Sales Tax
City of Forney1.00%
Property Reduction Tax0.50%
Economic Development Corporation0.50%
Total Sales Tax Rate8.25%

Hotel Occupancy Tax Rate
City of Forney7.00%

To easily fill out your report of hotel occupancy tax, please fill out the form (PDF).