The Patrol Division consists of:

  • Bicycle Patrol
  • Communications
  • Detention
  • Field Training
  • Patrol
  • SWAT
  • Traffic Investigation


The Patrol Division is comprised of:

  • 4 Sergeants
  • 16 Officers
  • 11 Communication Officers
  • 1 Public Service Officer


The officers of the Patrol Division are the primary tool of the department to respond to calls for service, investigate criminal actions and deter and dismantle criminal activity within the city. This is accomplished through dynamic patrol tactics, proactive policing, utilizing the Community-Oriented Policing philosophy, in combination with the use of advanced technology and equipment. Patrol officers are assigned to specialized units such as traffic investigation, SWAT, bicycle patrol, and Field Training Officers.


Communications is comprised of 1 Communications Supervisor and 10 Telecommunications Officers, under the command of the Captain of Special Operations. Communications in most instances, is the first contact citizens have when contacting emergency services such as Police, Fire and EMS. The Communications Division links citizens to the appropriate emergency services. Additionally, Communications provides dispatching of both emergency and non-emergency response for both the Police and Fire Departments and connects to Careflite for medical calls.


The Forney Police Department's Detention Facility operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This jail is a holding facility. To inquire whether an individual is being held in our detention facility or for information regarding bonding, you may call 972-564-7600.

Field Training Officers (FTO)

A number of the patrol officers are also assigned to the FTO program and are responsible for training new officers to the Department's standards. All of these training officers must complete training through the State to qualify and become certified as a Training Officer.

Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT)

The Forney Police Department SWAT team's primary mission is to respond to incidents such as barricaded persons, hostage situations and other instances that require special skill, equipment and training. In addition, the SWAT team also executes search warrants and arrest warrants that are deemed "high risk" with a possibility of armed resistance.

In addition to their regular assigned duties, SWAT personnel train each month on a variety of tactics including dynamic assaults, buy-bust, downed citizen/officer rescue and hostage rescues. Training is also provided by the Texas Tactical Police Association, I.A.C.P., and other state and national organizations.

Officers assigned to this team must have a minimum of at least one year with the Department. They must demonstrate a high proficiency in firearms as well as physical condition. All officers selected must complete the 50 hour basic SWAT course mandated by the state and complete a one year probation once selected.

Traffic Investigation Unit

The traffic investigation unit is the Department's primary investigative unit for severe and fatal accidents that exceed the day-to-day expertise of patrol officers. The unit's responsibility is to analyze accident data and develop action plans to reduce traffic collisions throughout the city. We have 4 officers that have specialized training in this area.

  1. Abernathy

    John Abernathy

    Deputy Chief