Resident Information

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Thirty minutes east of Dallas on U.S. Highway 80, Forney may seem like just one more town on the way out of town, but to the tens of thousands who live in and around it, it's more: its Forney country.

This community is defined less by boundaries on a map than by the sense of shared values its people hold dear. Forney strives to balance its pioneering past with a forward-thinking vision of the future by:

  • Attracting the amenities its growing population demands
  • Continuing to invest in new parks, trails and roads
  • Helping entrepreneurs reinvent its historic downtown
  • Maintaining a vibrant family-centered lifestyle

Forney is known for its nationally recognized schools, attractive housing prices, and down-to-earth people. Those who call it home are independent, friendly, and caring; quick to rally around one of their own in need. Forney draws like-minded people to itself, and beckons those who've left to return. Forney is an American original; a city without limits.