Overview of the Forney City Government

About City Hall

The City of Forney is a home rule city operating under a Council / Manager form of government as provided by our Home Rule Charter. Home Rule provides for self government so long as powers and authority don't conflict with state law. Seven city council members, including a mayor, are elected by the voting citizens at large. Those seven representatives serve the entire City of Forney and while they are assigned place numbers for election purposes, there are no city districts or precincts.

Brick Building with Green Awning: City Hall

Council / Manager Form of Government

The Council / Manager form of government provides that the Mayor and the Forney City Council appoint and supervise a city manager who is the chief executive officer of the city. The Mayor and Forney City Council are a governing, not an administrative body. Personnel, budget, and other administrative matters are the responsibility of the city manager. However, the budget and tax rate must be approved by the Forney City Council.

City Council Group Photo