Special Event Application

Forney Special Events staff are available to assist and work with the applicant during any part of the application process. The process is intended to be convenient to the applicant and involves several easy steps:

  • Obtain and complete an online Special Event Application or printable Special Event Application (PDF).
  • Help prepare a special event site plan, public safety plan and traffic management plan (collectively, "required plans"). Forney Special Events staff are available to help during this process.
  • At least 45 calendar days prior to the proposed Special Event, submit the completed application and Required Plans to City of Forney Parks and Recreation either in person at the Spellman Parks Building located at Forney Community Park or via email.
  • The Special Event Review Team (SERT) will review the application and required plans; request follow-up information, if necessary; consider the proposed event's compliance with city ordinances, determine the city resources that will be required and the availability of such city resources, and calculate the anticipated costs and expenses, if any, associated with providing necessary city resources for the proposed special event; and provide a response to the applicant, in most cases, no later than 30 calendar days after receipt of a completed application. Approvals are forwarded immediately and, in some cases, following receipt of an insurance certificate, if applicable.

No Oral Agreements

No oral agreements for an event request shall be considered valid, or binding, unless a properly completed Special Events Application is signed, approved and, if required, a monetary deposit has been received for the event.