Crime Prevention Tips

  • Never leave your valuables in plain view even if your doors are locked. Put them in the trunk or at least out of sight.
  • Keep doors locked.
  • While shopping keep your purses closed and in the lower part of a shopping cart to help prevent a "snatch and grab."
  • Apply your Texas driver's license number or another ID number to tools, bikes, etc. to help recover items if they are stolen. The numbers need to be engraved and/or permanently applied.
  • Keep garage doors closed and keep all tools and yard items put away when not in use.
  • Join a neighbor watch group and get involved in your community.
  • Keep shrubs and bushes trimmed, so there is no place for someone to hide. Keep a clear view.
  • Make sure you write down all makes, models, and serial numbers of your property. That way if they are stolen they can be reported to the police properly and it can help recover the items.