Water Leaks

To report an emergency water leak within your residence, a meter leak, a water leak, a water main break, a fire hydrant leak, or a valve leak, contact the Public Works Department at 972-564-7340 Monday through Friday or for after hour emergencies contact Police Dispatch at 972-564-7600. Our staff will dispatch a crew to evaluate the problem, turn the water off, make a repair on the city side of service, etc.

Customer Side Cutoff

It is also a good idea for all property owners and tenants to become familiar with the general layout of their plumbing system; especially the location of the customer side cutoff of water service. If your property does not have a customer side cutoff a plumber can install one on the customer side of the meter for your convenience to be able to turn off the water for an emergency water leak on the customer side. This could prevent or reduce the possible case of a water leak flooding a residence.