Neighborhood Services


This division, formally known as Code Enforcement, has turned a corner to more responsibly, comprehensively and fairly handle the city's code violations. The division's new mission is to strive to protect the vitality and integrity of the Forney community through proactive, fair and reasonable enforcement of the city's Codes and Ordinances.

The division's primary objective is to achieve voluntary compliance through partnerships, assistance, education and information, rather than reactive compliance through violation notices and citations. Violation notices and citations will be considered tools of last resort.


Working as part of the Community Development team, the Neighborhood Services Specialist (NSS) will enforce city Codes and Ordinances, engage the community through attendance at Home Owner Association meetings, go door-to-door in commercial and industrial areas, and overall will be much more visible in a positive way in the community.

Additionally, the NSS will be responsible for a series of web-based and paper (mailings) educational and informational items to promote compliance through education and knowledge.

Finally, the NSS will look at ways to improve and enhance the overall effectiveness of code enforcement within current financial conditions - meaning, doing more as a department and team in a creative and proactive fashion without additional resources.

Cross-Training Initiative

One immediate initiative is the cross-training of all Community Development staff on the various facets of code enforcement - responsibility is a departmental function and not solely an individual function.

Partnerships & Relationships

The NSS will create meaningful and lasting partnerships and relationships that foster improved neighborhood (commercial, residential, and industrial) self-management, sustainability, livability and promote the healthy success of neighborhoods. Finally, the NSS will promote neighborhood integrity, working with the community to raise the quality of life, neighborhood desirability, and encourage reinvestment.


The Neighborhood Services Department proactively addresses and enforces community code violations. The division is also charged with responding to community concerns regarding high grass, junked vehicles, illegal signs and unsightly matter on private property and provides for the health, safety and general welfare of the community through implementation and enforcement of local zoning regulations and through the Cleanliness of Premise ordinance and other regulatory tools.

The enforcement and compliance with city ordinances and zoning regulations improve the quality of life for residents and ensures a clean and healthy environment for citizens and visitors of Forney.

Goals & Objectives

The mission of the Code Compliance Division is to work with the community to provide a clean, safe, environmentally friendly, and a beautiful place to live.