Divisions and Rules

  1. General rules of play
  2. 6U Coach Pitch
  3. 8U Softball
  4. 10U softball
  5. 12U Softball
  6. 14u softball

General Rules for FRS Softball

  • The length of time for games is as follows:
    1. 6U                 55 min 
    2. 8U                 55 min
    3. 10U               70 min
    4. 12U               70 min
    5. 15U               70 min
    6. JV/Varsity     75min
  • Games will start at the scheduled time. There is no grace period. Clock starts when the defense takes the field.  Late arriving players can be added to the batting order and participate in the game as long as the player is placed in the batting order before a player bats for the second time. Once a team has gone through the entire batting order and started over again it is too late to add a player. If you want to place a player’s name in the batting order who has not arrived you may do so, but if she has not arrived when she is reached in the order you must take an out for that player or remove her from the batting order.
  • If timeout is called with 5 minutes or less in the game, the clock stops.  The clock will stop if a team changes pitchers or catchers with 5 minutes or less left in the game.
  • Infield Face Masks are required for age groups 6U through 12U. No exceptions to the rule will be made as this is for the safety of the girls. 
  • You may take whichever dugout you prefer if you are the first one to claim it.
  • Games can end in a tie. If at the end of the season one or more teams are tied for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place tie breaker procedures are used to determine placement. Standings are the first factor, head to head is the second factor, and if the teams are still tied with both of those, lowest runs allowed/against is the third and final factor to determine a tie breaker standing.
  • Rain-outs will be announced by the City through our various communication channels. The status of all games will be determined by 3 p.m. on the day of the game. 
  • Our goal is to try to have rained-out games rescheduled and played within one week of the original date, subject to field availability and conflicts.  We have too many teams to pass up an open field.
  • Teams must have a minimum of 8 players to play unless both teams decide to play with less than 8 players.  If a team plays with 8, that team will have to take an out for the ninth player.  If both teams only have 8 players, then there is no automatic out.  The opposing coach may waive the right to take the out if the team they are playing only has 8 (or 9 in 6U & 8U). We prefer to have games played, not forfeited.
  • Pick-up players can be used to get to 9 players in 10U, 12U, and 15U and 10 players is 4U,6U, and 8U but must registered players and must wear their team uniform. The opposing coach must be advised that pick-up players are participating.  Pick-up players may only pick up in the division that they are registered for or above.   EXAMPLE:  A 12U registered player may not pick up with a 10U team even if they are age eligible.  Pick-up players must play in the outfield and bat last in the order. A maximum of 3 pickup players can be used.
  • FRS will provide all game balls to coaches before the season begins. 
  • Coaches and equipment must remain in the dugout at all times unless your team is batting and you are a pitching coach, 1st base coach, or 3rd base coach.  You are not allowed to sit on a bucket outside of the dugout.  A coach who is supposed to be in the dugout may not come out of the dugout to talk to a player or for any other reason (except to pick up a bat) without requesting “time-out” from the umpire.  
  • Arguing with an umpire is not tolerated.   Discussions with the umpire are allowed. 
  • All players who are present at the game will remain in the batting order throughout the entire game whether they are playing defense or not.  You make one batting order for each game and it stays the same throughout the entire game.   This keeps all players “in the game” for the entire game.   Since there are no changes to the batting order, substitutions on defense do not need to go through the umpires. All players should play on defense a minimum of 2 innings if time/innings allow, subject to disciplinary issues.
  • Make sure your players’ bats are National Championship Sports (NCS) approved.
  • All coaches (head and assistant) will have a background through NCS.