Preparing for Cold Weather Information and Resources

As we head into winter, the City of Forney would like to share some helpful information so that city and surrounding residents can maintain an adequate water supply. We will start with an update on the state of our water system. We have two water pump stations that supply water to our system; however, one of those stations is currently shut down for repairs being made by our water supplier, North Texas Municipal Water District, and will not be available again until Spring. Therefore, to ensure an adequate water supply for both Forney residents and the four other water companies we provide water to, we are asking for your help to ease the demand on the water system by following some of these helpful tips. 

First, know that in the past two years we have had severe winter storms that have kept temperatures below freezing for a week at a time. During those periods, we have learned that if you take the proper steps to winterize your property then there is a low risk of pipes bursting as most water lines are well insulated and/or below the freeze line. 

Second, there is not a need to keep water continuously running to keep your water line from freezing. The amount of time and degree of severity that temperatures are below freezing make a big difference. It is important to keep in mind that running water while performing daily chores, such as showering, washing dishes, flushing the toilet, and washing your hands, helps keep water flowing through your pipes at a much faster rate than a drip and can help prevent excessively high-water bills. If it has been a few hours without any water being used, then you can turn on the faucet in your house that is the farthest from the water meter full blast for a minute or two so that it pulls water at a fast rate all the way through the house. You can also open cabinet doors under sinks, cover any exposed pipes outside the house, and drain irrigation.

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