Urban Wildlife


The City of Forney has a wide range of urban wildlife living in our community. Forney does not own or have control of any of the wild animals found within its boundaries, nor is the City responsible for the actions or damage caused by them. In fact, wild animals have no owners to be responsible for their actions, and therefore cannot be regulated in any way. There are no laws requiring Forney Animal Services to respond to wildlife issues or remove wildlife perceived by some to be a problem. We respond to situations where public safety is being jeopardized, however; the presence of a wild animal does not constitute a public safety threat. These animals are a common and important part of our ecosystem that benefits the human population in numerous ways.

The source of the problem is not the presence of wildlife, but the environment that humans have created for them. People, either intentionally or unintentionally, have conditioned wildlife to understand neighborhoods are full of food, water, and shelter.

Be Proactive

Forney Animal Services recommends a proactive approach towards wildlife. Preventing wild animals from becoming accustomed to people is the first step in reducing human/wildlife interactions. Wildlife will continue to come to people’s homes as long as there is food, water or shelter for them.

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