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1. Who do I contact for after hour emergencies?
2. How do I request emergency water and sewer services?
3. What is a sanitary sewer?
4. Is the water tested?
5. What do I do if the water smells, looks or tastes unusual?
6. Why does my water taste and smell?
7. Where does the water we use come from?
8. Who do I contact if a street light is out?
9. Who do I contact if a street sign is damaged or missing?
10. If I want to replace my culvert or add a new culvert, whom do I contact?
11. How do I report a pothole problem on a city street?
12. Who do I contact if I have a drainage problem within the city?
13. Who do I contact if a tree has fallen in the right of way and is blocking the street, or if a tree limb is blocking the line of sight and needs to be trimmed in the right of way?