What if I need to make payment arrangements?

Payment of all fines and court costs are due at the time of disposition, unless otherwise pre-approved.

For pre-approval, complete the Application for Time Payment (PDF) and either bring it to the court at 331 South FM 548 or mail it to P.O. Box 826, Forney, TX 75126 along with a copy of your ID and deposit of not less than $50 per violation (unless otherwise approved).

All applications will be verified and you may be asked to complete an interview prior to approval. NOTE: Any outstanding or past due citations, payments are subject to warrant and the denial of your renewal on your motor vehicle registration and driver's license.

If you are convicted of an offense and are unable to pay the fine and costs, you may have the court assess your ability to pay and the court my provide alternatives to full payment in satisfying the judgment.   If you feel you are unable to pay your citations please contact the court for alternate options.

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