Lost or Found Pet Information

Post Online

If you have found or lost an animal, great resources are local lost and found Facebook groups such as this one. Most cities/communities have local lost and found pets groups that help owners reunite with their pets.


Post notices at community centers, veterinary offices, pet supply stores and other locations. Include your pet's sex, age, weight, breed, color, and any special markings. When describing your pet, leave out one identifying characteristic and ask the person who finds your pet to describe it. Be careful of found pet scams.

Post & Search for Lost and Found Pets

LOSTMYDOGGIE or KITTY:  Free flyers are created online and automatically sent to area shelters, vets, and rescues in the area. Upload pictures if possible. 



LOST DOGS OF TEXAS (LDOT): Create a Flyer to print as many copies as you want to pass out and hang in your neighborhood, and post the flyer on other L&F Facebook pages:   https://www.facebook.com/findtexasdogs/?hc_ref=SEARCH

LDOT / HELPING LOST PETS (FLYER): http://www.helpinglostpets.com/petdetail_B/postpet.aspx?rc=o669&s=LF

NEXTDOOR APP: https://nextdoor.com/

CRAIGSLIST: https://dallas.craigslist.org/search/laf

PETHARBOR WEB SITE - POST & SEARCH/LOST & FOUND: http://petharbor.com/ 

PETHARBOR FACEBOOK PAGE - POST & SEARCH/LOST & FOUND: https://www.facebook.com/Petharbor/

PETANGO WEB SITE - POST & SEARCH/LOST & FOUND: http://petango.com/

PETTANGO FACEBOOK PAGE - POST & SEARCH/LOST & FOUND: https://www.facebook.com/petango/

PAWBOOST: www.pawboost.com 

Helpful Numbers

Pets that are outside of the city limits may be picked up by the Kaufman County Sherriff’s Office. They will be taken to the Humane Society of Cedar Creek Lake. Please note that cities do not take lost pets from non-residents or found in other jurisdictions. 

 Outside of the city limits report stray pick up:

Kaufman County Sherriff’s Office / Animal Control

(972) 932-4337


North Texas Humane Society in Kaufman

1904 US-175  

Kaufman, TX  75142

(469) 376-4120


Sunnyvale Animal Control

371 Long Creek Road

Sunnyvale, TX 75182



City of Terrell Animal Shelter 

2601 US-80

Terrell, Texas 75160

(972) 551-6641


Mesquite City Animal Shelter

1650 Gross Road

Mesquite, Texas  75149

(972)   216-6283


Seagoville Animal Shelter

1330 E. Malloy Bridge Road

Seagoville, Tx   75159

(972) 287-6838

Home Again- 1888-466-3242


AKC - 1800252-7894

24PetWatch- 1-866-597-2424

Bayer ResQ 1877-738-5465

Banfield- 1877-567-8738