Getting Started


Getting started:

  1. Download the "Mission Control GG" app
  2. Open the Mission Control app and create your profile

To register:

  1. Select "Join an Organization" and search for "City of Forney" using the magnifying glass icon in the top right
  2. After joining our organization take a look at the "All Leagues" tab and select the option/game(s) you'd like to register for
  3. Within the registration screen, make sure to select your preferred console, pay the fee, and invite your partner IF playing any of our team-based competitions

Once registered for a league:

  1. Enable notifications so you don't miss any important league updates
  2. Use the "My Leagues" tab to check your active leagues - view schedule, standings, weekly matchup, reschedule (if necessary), etc.

Game Day to-do's:

  1.  Communicate with your opponent via the chat within your matchup screen to exchange gamer tags and set-up the match at the scheduled time.
  2. Play your match according to the rules (best 2/3, best 3/5, etc.)
  3. Submit the final score within the matchup screen by selecting "Add Score" - submit photos depending on the game. 

Thank you for participating in our eSports leagues/tournaments! We look forward to seeing you all online.

We'd love to continue growing our gaming community so please pass this information along to those who you think would be interested. For any questions, comments, or concerns, reach out to Jon Urso at [email protected]