Comprehensive Plans

A Master or Comprehensive Plan is a statement of a community's goals and objectives for itself now and in the future. Used as a guide to direct future growth, development, and redevelopment of a community, a plan plays an important role in a community's decision-making process. The plan is comprehensive in that it links the different geographic and functional components of a City to each other in such a way that the community's goals and objectives can be achieved, issues resolved, and opportunities for improved quality of life realized. The plan is a document which, along with several other plans, sets the framework for the physical development of the City over a specified period of time.

The plan is also an important policy tool that sets a vision for the orderly growth and development of the Town and provides the framework for many of Forney's governing policies, specifically the zoning regulations. The zoning regulations provide the method of implementing the plan by prescribing the use, density, and development standards for each parcel of land. For a list of the City's current plans, see the following reports: