Subdivision Development Process

An overview of general provisions, procedures, design standards and requirements for the subdivision process is fully discussed in the City of Forney Subdivision Ordinance packet (PDF).

Preliminary Plat

The Preliminary Plat (PDF) is a detailed planning document which specifically identifies the configuration of lots and blocks, public infrastructure, parkland and trails, drainage, connectivity and transportation. Interested subdivider(s) should avail themselves of the advice and assistance of the City officials and should consult early and informally with the Director of Planning before preparing any type of study. The City offers the Preliminary Plat Requirements online for residents and interested parties.

Construction Plans

Once a Preliminary Plat is approved, Construction Plans may be submitted for review by the City Engineer. Construction Plans include all proposed public infrastructure, a soil evaluation report, hydraulic and hydrologic analysis, and any other reports or analysis required by the City Engineer. Once approved, a Final Plat may be pursued.

Grayhawk Brick Sign Behind Flowers
Large Stone and Brick Building

Final Plat

The final plat (PDF) shall be in accordance with the preliminary plat, as approved, and shall reflect/ incorporate all applicable conditions, changes, directions and additions imposed by the Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council upon the preliminary plat. The final plat shall not be approved by the City until detailed engineering and construction plans for all required public improvements have been prepared by the applicant and submitted to the City for reviewed/approval by the City Engineer. The final plat shall not be submitted prior to approval of the preliminary plat. Final Plat Requirements are available online.

Application Requirements for Replat

A Replat replaces all or part of an officially recorded Final Plat. The Replat approval process is the same as that for Final Plats, except that Ripplets require a public hearing. Please review the Replat Application information (PDF) for all details regarding the replat process and the City of Forney.

Minor Plat

The Director of Planning may approve a minor plat (PDF), or may, for any reason, elect to present the minor plat to the Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council for consideration and approval. Any decision made on the minor plat by the Director of Planning shall be approval of the plat. Should the Director of Planning refuse to approve the minor plat, then the plat shall be referred to the Planning and Zoning Commission and/or City Council for consideration within the time period required by State law. The City has posted information regarding Minor Plat information online.

For additional information regarding the process, please contact the Planning Department at 972.564.7386.