Clogged Sewers

If your sewer backs up, please call the Public Works Department immediately at 972-564-7340. A crew can make sure that blockage is not in the city-owned portion of the pipe before you incur the expense of a private plumber.

Sewer Cleanout

It is also a good idea for all property owners and tenants to become familiar with the general layout of their plumbing system-especially the location of the sewer cleanout. The cleanout cover is usually located in the yard and allows easy access to the more distant parts of the private sewer line, so blockages may be removed.

A plumber can help locate your sewer cleanout. If your property does not have a cleanout at the property line, a plumber can install one for you. A property line cleanout helps to determine where a stoppage is and takes out most of the guesswork.

A Public Works Guy Looking into a Manhole

How to Prevent Clogs

Residents can aid in preventing clogged sewer lines by not putting grease and greasy food scraps down the sink or garbage disposal. Grease and meat drippings should be collected in a disposable container and thrown into the trash. Any other greasy leftovers should be thrown in the trash.