Development Process

Development Process Purpose & Goals

The City of Forney's development process (PDF) provides internal and external standards for development to ensure that future growth occurs in an orderly and sustainable manner that enhances quality of life. The City's goal in administering development is to educate and provide a streamlined process to ensure that development is consistent with the City's comprehensive plan and City Council's objectives.

Community Development staff is the initial point of contact for anyone interested in any aspect of development. Community Development facilitates meetings associated with potential development and guide projects through the development process to successful completion.

1. Project Initiation

Anyone interested in developing a piece of property, constructing a building, or remodeling or changing the facade of a piece of property should contact the City's Community Development Department as early in the process as possible. See Project Initiation Information (PDF).

Action Items:

  • Contact City's Community Development Department at 972.564.7384
  • Work with the assigned case manager to complete information needed for the kickoff meeting

2. Kickoff Meeting & Application Submittal

Your case manager may schedule a meeting between you and key staff members prior to the start of your project. The kickoff meeting provides an opportunity for you to provide an overview of your project and to pose any questions you may have to key City staff. The case manager will provide all relevant information you need to get the project moving along. See Kickoff Meeting and Application Submittal Information (PDF).

Action Items:

  • Meet with key staff members
  • Provide Conceptual details for the kickoff meeting
  • Submit applications, plans, plats, and fee payments after meeting
  • Start the process to get on Planning and Zoning meetings

3. Development Review Committee (DRC) Meeting

After submitting your application, you will work with the Development Review Committee (DRC). The DRC is comprised of representatives from the Community Development, Engineering, Public Works and Fire Departments. The staff from these departments will review all submittals. See DRC Meeting Information (PDF).

Action Items:

  • City reviews plans
  • Respond to comments and submit revised plans (if needed)

4. Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting & City Council Meeting

Upon successful completion of the DRC review process, site plans, zoning, and platting items are reviewed at a Planning and Zoning Commission meeting. At that time, they may be approved, tabled, or denied. If approved or if denied and appealed, the site plan, zoning, or platting item under consideration will be reviewed at a City Council meeting. If approved by the City Council, you will move into the construction phase of the project. See Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council Meeting Information (PDF).

Action Items:

  • Attend Planning & Zoning meeting
  • Attend City Council meeting
  • Begin construction phase

5. Construction of Public Improvements & Driveways

Depending on the scope of the project, you may have pre-construction meetings for public improvements, building construction, fire, or any combination of the three. Once a project is approved by the City Council, your case manager will contact you to schedule the pre-construction meeting prior to issuance of a permit and the initiation of work. See Construction of Public Improvements and Driveways Information (PDF).

Action Items:

  • Bring required plans and attendees to meeting
  • Pay engineering inspection fees
  • Build infrastructure improvements
  • Complete all required inspections
  • Complete punch list and get a two-year maintenance bond
  • City Council approval

6. Building Construction

Upon successful review of building plans, the building official will schedule a pre-construction meeting that will include you, the project architect/engineer, superintendent, mechanical, electrical and plumbing trades, and owner. At that time, the building official will address any questions, discuss the inspection process and site work requirements. This could occur immediately following the public improvements pre-construction meeting. See Building Construction Information (PDF).

Action Items:

  • Pay building, water/sewer impact, roadway impact, and meter fees
  • Install water meter
  • Construct buildings
  • Comply with inspections and address issues as they arise
  • When completed, apply for Certificate of Occupancy

7. Sign Review & Approval

Sign requirements are outlined in the City's Sign Code, which is a subsection of the Zoning Ordinance. The requirements contained in the code are intended to promote safety, communication, and environmental quality and preservation. All signs must be reviewed, approved and permitted by the Community Development Department. See Sign Review and Approval Information (PDF).

Action Items:

  • Submit site plan and application to Community Development
  • Pay fee