Common Code Compliance Issues


  • Discharging a Firearm
  • Fireworks
  • Outdoor Burning
  • Parking Within 15 Feet of a Fire Hydrant
  • Parking Within 30 Feet of a Stop Sign
  • Standing Water

Legal With Restrictions

  • Garage Sales: Personal property / garage sales are limited to 3 sales during any 12 month period. One sign in the owner's front yard and 2 other signs (off-site) are allowed on private property (between the house and the sidewalk or fence), with owner's permission. Signs are not to exceed 2 square feet in size, must be placed at least 4 feet from street curb line, are to be posted no longer than 72 hours, and picked up. No signs are allowed on any utility pole, tree, fence, or structure, or to be placed on any public road right-of-way (street corners).
  • Junk Vehicles: A junked vehicle is defined as any vehicle on the premises for 30 days that is visible from a public roadway, inoperative, dismantled, not currently registered or inspected. Ten days are allowed for compliance after notification.
  • Real Estate Signs: Temporary real estate directional off-site signs are allowed on private property only with written permission from the property owner filed at the Community Development Office, weekend homebuilder directional signs are not permitted within the City of Forney city limits. Homebuilders (building within the city limits) may purchase blades on the kiosk directional signs by contacting Baker Clear View Operating, LLC at 817-737-4472.

Health & Fire Safety Violations

  • High Grass and Weeds: A health or fire safety violation may exist by allowing tall grass, brush and/or weeds over 8 inches high in the yard or easement (behind fences) and up to curb line or paved portion of any public or private street right-of-way.
  • Junk in the Yard: Trash, rubbish, discarded furniture, household appliances or objectionable, unsightly and unsanitary matter are subject to citation.
  • Standing Water: Standing water is a mosquito infestation hazard. Property owners are responsible for preventing and/or eliminating standing water, ponding, and puddling.
  • Trash Containers: Trash and recyclable containers may be placed at the curb the day before trash pickup is expected but must be removed not later than 1 day after collection.

Property Maintenance

  • Commercial Outside Storage: All business must screen outside storage and other activities by a minimum 6 feet high fence or wall of masonry, wood or metal construction of new materials and maintained in good condition.
  • Construction Permits: Construction permits are required for any addition to property or grounds including decks, porches, fences, driveways, sidewalks, spas, swimming pools, and storage buildings.
  • Overhanging Limbs: Overhanging tree limbs and shrubs must be maintained to at least 12 feet clearance above streets and 8 feet above sidewalks. Property owners are responsible for damage to vehicles caused by low limbs. Trees and shrubs must be maintained to allow at least 25 feet visibility from intersections and stop signs.
  • Parking: Vehicles, trailers, boats, motor homes, and recreational vehicles, that are not traffic hazards, are allowed to be legally parked on a public roadway for 48 consecutive hours. After 48 hours, this property is considered to be abandoned and may be impounded. No such equipment shall be used for living, sleeping or similar purpose while in a residential area. Occupancy and connection to utilities is prohibited, except in a designated recreational vehicle park.
  • Street Addresses: Street addresses must be displayed on a building or house and visible to the front.
  • Fences: Should be maintained in good condition without leaning or missing parts.