Animal Shelter

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On Saturday July 2nd, the Animal Shelter will be open half a day from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Pet of the Week

Available Animals

Browse through a list of the animals currently at the shelter.

The $75 adoption fee includes sterilization and rabies vaccination. The adoption fee for pre-altered animals is $35.


Animal Control is dedicated to rabies eradication, reducing animal euthanasia, and controlling the animal population through a cooperative effort with the community.

Dead Animals on Public Roadway

All reports of deceased animals found on public roadways or public property inside city limits can be reported to the Animal Shelter at 972-552-6610.

Animal Laws

Educate yourself on laws concerning pets.

Animal Redemption

View the fee schedule for picking up a lost pet.

Animal Shelter Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Animal Shelter Advisory Committee is to report annually to the City Council regarding compliance with the requirements of Chapter 823 of the Health and Safety Code, Standards for Animal Shelters.