Divisions and Rules

  1. T-Ball League (3/4U)
  2. T-Ball (5/6U)
  3. Modified Coach Pitch (6U)
  4. Coach Pitch (7/8U)
  5. (minors) (9/10U)
  6. Majors (11/12U)
  7. Seniors (13/14U)

3/4U T-Ball Rules and Information

The following rules and regulations will serve as a guideline to how the 3/4U T-Ball league will operate. Parents may also download the official guidelines, rules and regulations packet. 

    1. The time of game will be 50 minutes. An inning will not start with 5 minutes or less left.
    2. No outs or score will be recorded. There will be no umpire. 
    3. Each team will bat through its entire lineup each inning.
    4. Batters may advance a maximum of one base for balls hit fair into the infield and a maximum of two bases for balls hit into the outfield.
    5. The final batter in each inning will round the bases and score, along with other runners on base. 
    6. Runners cannot advance on overthrows to any base.
    7. Outfielders may not make a play in the infield. Outfielders must throw the ball to the infield.
    8. No more than five players in the infield at any time. There will be no catcher. All remaining players must be positioned in the outfield grass.
    9. There are no plays at home plate even in the event of a force (safety).
    10. There will a line drawn 10 feet from the front edge of home plate from foul line to foul line. A batted ball must contact this line to be considered a fair ball.
    11. A pitcher must throw to a base on a fielded hit ball. A pitcher may not tag a runner out. If a pitcher tags a runner out, time will be called, and all runners will be safe.
    12. Play will be stopped when the lead runner stops trying to advance.
    13. Only 3 coaches may be allowed on the field of play during the game on defense. That coach must be positioned in the outfield. 2 coaches may stay in foul territory in the outfield. No coaches in the infield.
    14. Infielders must lineup in the dirt.
    15. Batter may receive a max of 6 swings.

FRS Pitching Limits for All Leagues

Age Group 1 Day Max* 1 Day Rest 2 Day Rest 3 Day Rest 4 Day Rest
9/10 U Kid-Pitch 75 21-35 36-50 51-65 66+
11/12 U Kid-Pitch 85 21-35 36-50 51-65 66+
13/14 U Kid-Pitch 95 21-35 36-50 51-65 66+