Water Usage Tips and Information


WateMyYard uses local weather data in sponsored areas to provide free weekly watering advice. This data is collected from an extensive network of weather stations and rain gauges, and, along with research-based understanding of plant water needs, allow experts to send customized weekly water advice for your specific lawn and irrigation system. Visit watermyyard.org

How Much Water Does My Sprinkler System Use

To calculate sprinkler usage, average of 5 gallons per minute per sprinkler head, multiplied by the number of sprinkler heads, multiplied by the number of stations. Multiply that number by the number of times your water in a week or month. Examples:

20 minutes x 5 gallons per minute = 100 gallons for one sprinkler head

100 gallons x 5 sprinkler heads in a station/zone =500 gallons used per station/zone

500 gallons x 6 stations = 3,000 gallons used for one watering

3,000 gallons x 3 days per week = 9,000 for one week of watering

9,000 gallons x 4 weeks = 36,000 gallons used to water the lawn in a 4-week cycle

Do's and Dont's for Watering Your Yard

DO: Water in dry weather.

DO: Water early in the morning.

DO: Use sprinklers that are close to the ground rather than high in the air, because larger drops are better than fine mist.

DON’T: Water from mid-morning to late afternoon. You will lose 1/3 of your water to evaporation. (Try watering before 10 a.m. or after 8 p.m.)

DON’T: Overwater because it causes valuable nutrients to wash away.

DON’T: Water too frequently because it causes shallow root system to develop.

How Much Water is Being Wasted with a Water Leak

Water wasted at 40 pounds of pressure over a 24-hour period:

1/32” leak wastes 180 gallons

1/16” leak wastes 690 gallons

1/8” leak wastes 2,760 gallons

1/4” leak wastes 11,030 gallons

Common Issues That Increase Water Usage

Check every faucet and toilet for leaks. A leak can waste a lot of water every day, so repair leaks immediately.

Open the tank of the toilet and put a few drops of food coloring into it. Wait for at least 30 minutes to an hour. The drops should stay well formed in the tank. If the drops dissipate or the coloring is going into the bowl, you are losing water through the toilet.

Walk your property while sprinkler system is running to ensure no sprinkler heads are broken.

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